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Q4 2020: BMW on accelerating your digital strategy

With our face-to-face events on hold, Sophus3 has invited some of the global car industry’s leading thinkers to provide insight and advice to our eDataXchange clients.

OCTOBER 20, 2020 10.00 UK: In this first broadcast, produced exclusively for members of the eDataXchange partnership, we are delighted to speak to Marcus Casey, BMW global head of digital and ecommerce, and Russ Hill, a US retail specialist who led Audi USA sales in their period of exponential growth.

In this episode


  • Why BMW spent more on digital in lockdown
  • How the car buying journey must become more transactional
  • Ways in which digital has changed the customer mindset
  • Why dealers must give the buyer the price they’ve seen online
  • Why the time it takes to buy a car must – and will – reduce.

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