Scott Gairns, Managing Director of Sophus3, shares three tips to help car brands maximise the effectiveness of their website analytics.


“Many of our automotive clients invest in big web analytics teams to help them understand how their customers interact with their brand in digital. But does the information coming out actually help them to make business decisions? We asked an Adobe and Google Analytics expert to give us three tips to help automotive brands achieve the right setup.

First, make sure your brand’s analytics data is integrated with other sources, such as sales, media spend, or computer data. Web Analytics is just a single internal touchpoint in the user journey. Having the outside-in perspective is critical as we begin the transition to e-commerce.

Second, are you using the right analytics tool? It is a great time to review that question, because Google GA4 is new and Adobe is launching innovative tools such as Customer Journey Analytics and Amplitude Analytics. Are you missing out on ways to understand the car buyer?

Finally, the rise of server-side tracking to overcome the challenges of privacy legislation and user’s consent. It’s much more technically complex to set up than the more common client-side tracking, but has benefits including prolonging cookie shelf life, improving website loading speed, and ensuring data security and compliance.

We have 20 years of experience with automotive web analytics and are trusted by Volkswagen Global, Hyundai, and other car brands across the world. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how outsource analytics could help your business.”

Our video is accompanied by our annual white paper on the automotive digital landscape, Digital Car Buyer in Numbers 2023.

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