Title page for Sophus3 Video 'Best Practice in Automotive Ecommerce'

Watch the latest episode from Sophus3’s Automotive Digital Summit 2022

Tuesday 7th June 2022 | Sophus3 today releases the second video in our 2022 Automotive Summit series. The focus of this episode is on e-commerce within the car industry and the programme comes from the state-of-the-art virtual showroom facility at Volkswagen Group’s UK headquarters in Milton Keynes.

Introducing the video, Scott Gairns, Sophus3’s managing director says, “Seeing this facility in action reminds us how far online buying has come in the past 20 years from its humble beginnings with Amazon books. These changes are led by consumers who have grown used to the convenience and speed of online shopping.”

The emerging generation of car buyers are digitally savvy and expect brands to be equally so. But the data Sophus3 collects through tracking billions of visits to automotive websites across European markets shows that in terms of online engagement, car brands as a group, still lag behind ‘digital natives’ — like Amazon — and also trail the new disruptors of the sector, such as Carwow, Cazoo and Carvana.

However, things are changing and brands that are embracing digital tools and processes are seeing improved, higher-value sales and increased profits.

The 12 minute video is presented by Scott and members of Sophus3’s experienced Insight team, and shows:

    • How today’s car buyers behave online
    • What ecommerce KPIs can be used to drive business growth
    • How to introduce human contact to increase conversions
    • Which digital tools are most effective in engaging with and retaining customers

You can watch this latest video here:

Title page for Sophus3 Video 'Best Practice in Automotive Ecommerce'

Best practice in automotive ecommerce

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Further insights into the digital car buyer are also provided by the white paper which accompanies the programmes and is available for download in .pdf format:

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