Video: Is the marketing funnel destroying customer experience?

Prioritising customer experience is key to car brands making a success of their ecommerce channels.

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Video: Is your market ready for auto ecommerce?

How should car brands plan successful ecommerce rollouts?

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EV Index 2023 Q1: EV price war? What price war?

The latest issue of the EV Index from Sophus3 suggests that vehicle pricing remains the biggest barrier to electric vehicle adoption.

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Video: What are the digital capabilities of the Chinese car brands entering Europe?

There's been much speculation about the route to market for Chinese car brands, who are turning their attention to Europe as growth stalls in China.

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Video: Which automotive markets are growing in digital?

This extract from Sophus3’s Automotive Digital Summit 2023 looks at the differences in car-buyer interest in global regions and offers some explanation for the variations we found.

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White Paper: Digital Car Buyer in Numbers 2023

Data and insight from Sophus3's Automotive Digital Summit 2023.

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Video: What works best in automotive ecommerce?

In this 10-minute video, we analyse data from hundreds of automotive brand websites to reveal what works best in automotive ecommerce.

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EV Index reveals north-south divide in Europe

The EV Index from Sophus3 for the final quarter of 2022

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How ‘digital’ are Chinese challenger auto brands?

The second part of Sophus3's paper on Chinese OEMs in Europe surveys and comments on their digital capabilities.

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Chinese auto brands coming to Europe: full report

This first part of Sophus3's paper on the entrance of Chinese car makers into Europe looks at the reasoning and strategy behind their move.

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How to put the ‘human’ into auto ecommerce

Watch the latest episode from Sophus3's Automotive Digital Summit 2022.

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The Digital Car Buyer in Numbers 2022 | front cover

White paper: Digital Car Buyer in Numbers 2022

Unique insights into automotive sector digital, campaign and sales activity.

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Europe’s car brands are sleep-walking into historic levels of marketing inefficiency

Watch part 1 of highlights from the Sophus3 Automotive Digital Summit 2022.

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Click the image to play video of interview with DeLu Jackson

What automotive can learn from other sectors in digital

DeLu Jackson shares insights as to how car brands can improve their digital performance.

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How to navigate privacy without compromising your analytics

A combination of changes is upending the way car brands can track and interact with users of their digital channels.

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Rethinking car buying in the ecommerce age - cover image of whitepaper

White paper: Rethinking car buying in the ecommerce age

"The results shocked us. Not only did we see variations between the Big 5 markets, but also a patchy performance across the majority of brands, and very few examples of best practice."

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The Digital Car Buyer in Numbers 2021 front cover image featuring a black swan

Digital Car Buyer in Numbers 2021

Our annual review of the digital automotive year looks at the impact of the Coronavirus on the automotive industry and the further challenges it faces as the impact of the virus recedes.

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