By adding Live Chat Video to your digital journey, you can accelerate the buying decision and use physical product to overcome any purchase anxiety.

Enhance both the buying and ownership experience through the use of immersive video interaction.


active customer engagement


more likely that the customer will convert to sale


years of converting car buyers to sale

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Proven technology

Designed specifically to support and convert car buyers

  • Live video calls with vehicle tours and screen sharing
  • Link sales, aftersales and finance in to one brand experience
  • In-site CX keeps customers on the brand website
  • Linking brand and retail in one contained ecosystem​
  • Allowing access from any customer touchpoint
  • Simple browser add-on, minimal configuration required
  • Customer data fed into your CRM
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12 brands connected to 2000+ dealers

Building the right model for you

We can deliver a flexible experience that suits your customer and meets the needs of your brand


  • Centrally hosted, physical product demonstrations, within a controlled environment
  • Knowledgeable brand experts following a structured product walk-through


  • Retailer hosted sales experience
  • Staff experienced in guiding customers through the purchase decision using existing infrastructure


  • High funnel engagement conducted and controlled by the brand
  • Qualified leads passed to the retail estate who can close and secure order
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Key features

An omnichannel customer ecommerce experience with the customer at its centre

Brand or dealer website

Connection can be established on any web or intranet site

Call centre

Link to call centre to aid customer qualification and lead escalation

Virtual showroom and live tours

Immersive live product experience bringing Q&A to life

Document sharing

Provide access to everything a customer needs to make a purchase decision

Accompanied configurator build

Product experts assist with model and specification clarification

Post-handover product clinic

Improve BEV customer satisfaction by providing 1-2-1 product briefing

Accompanied order placement

Assist customers with purchase validation in a non-sales environment

Brand online vehicle sales

Taking product engagement in to customer living rooms

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