Sophus3 Quarterly Automotive Insight

What can the car industry learn from McDonald’s... and beyond?

With our face-to-face events on hold, Sophus3 has invited some of the global car industry’s leading thinkers to provide insight and advice to our eDataXchange clients.

OCTOBER 14 10.00 UK: In this exclusive broadcast for members of the Sophus3 eDataXchange partnership, we talk to a car industry veteran who has moved to other major verticals. What has he learnt?

DeLu Jackson spent 15 years in the car industry as a digital and strategic marketing leader for brands including Subaru, Audi and Nissan, before moving into different consumer verticals: McDonald’s, Kellogg, Conagra and now security specialist, ADT.


In this latest episode of the Sophus3 Car Buyer Insights, he tells us:


  • Car buyers are not a separate category – their shopping experience is shaped by everything from food to consumer electronics
  • The car industry tries too hard get the customer offline. How do we recognise the struggles they have and remove those barriers
  • Don’t set unrealistic conversion rates. There are only so many people in market and only so many people who can afford to be in market. Be more targeted
  • Other businesses personalise and are responsive; automotive is “you have to wait nine months’ or take what’s available. In automotive you are locked into a fixed asset.
  • Use your touchpoints wisely: simplify your communications and waste less.


This episode also features Sophus3 MD Scott Gairns, who outlines our best practice approach to automotive ecommerce, drawing on exclusive customer data from the eDataXchange partnership of European car brands.

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