Sophus3 Activate is a strategy service for the car industry that helps clients use their data in a meaningful way. It is based on 15 years of experience in automotive and deploys the skills developed in close partnership with global car brands.

Our team of nine analysts and six insight consultants tracks 1000 models, 25 brands and 985 million consumer interactions across Europe each month.

Our expertise lies in analysis and interpretation leading to practical solutions, helping your marketing and product teams to use data not only to optimise tactical campaigns, but also to make better long term decisions on how customers are engaged and where budgets are spent.


We work with you to identify best practice in visitor engagement and conversion, creating a permanent ‘insight legacy’ that, we hope, will make you self-sufficient in the future.

Harnessing the shifting online purchase journey is a complex challenge. Today’s car buyer is becoming increasingly frustrated with the time it takes to research a purchase and the many barriers he or she faces in getting a fair, transparent deal.

The uncertainty around low carbon, electrification and mobility creates further confusion, resulting in clear opportunities for brands who listen to their customers and anticipate their needs.


There is an emerging imperative to use insight to challenge the strategy of habit, to make confident decisions on budget allocation and to shape user journeys that result in engagement and sales growth.

We recognise that data interpretation is an area where skills are most in short supply, resulting in a lack of creative leadership in applying insight to strategy. Departments full of analysts can get only so far without the market-specific experience to guide their thinking.

Faced with these challenges, an organisation is faced with three alternatives:

1) Business as usual. Learn from what others do, but stick to a traditional digital approach and accept that true return on investment is not possible


2) Keep up with the market. Create an insight function, but outsource it to a media agency and accept that its core competency is in media planning, not strategic insight

Lead the market. Unite brand and agency teams with a strategy that is based on real-world consumer behaviour rather than extrapolation. Understand competitor sets. Understand which marketing channels are delivering and why.

Our clients say, ‘Now I know what a good result looks like, what’s our version of it’. We specialise in designing plans to get them there, delivering additional sales, more efficiently, for less outlay.


If you would like to find out more about how the Sophus3 Activate strategy service can help you hit your objectives, please get in touch.

Understand online customer interest by analysing industry trends

Discover who you are your real competitors

View growth in segment interest across different markets

Compare interest in your products as a result of marketing campaigns

Identify in-market consumers

Driving engaged consumers is key to automotive brands. By tracking millions of visitors across automotive brands, publishers and dealer websites, Sophus3 is capable of identifying “In-Market” visitors.
With over 985 Million monthly digital interactions on OEM channels in a market, finding those that are in market for a car right now and engaging them is like finding a needle in a haystack in under three and a half minutes!

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