GDPR is reducing the traffic that can be tracked on auto web sites, but Consent Free Analytics can help fill in the blanks.

Our latest analysis reveals that car brands are missing out on up to 40 per cent of their online traffic because of stricter implementations of customer consent. This has resulted in incomplete tracking and data ‘black holes’ that stop brands fully understanding their customers’ experience or achieving a return on investment in their own marketing activities.

The most recent assessment is that less than half of all website visitors now consent to being tracked. Incomplete tracking information makes it near impossible to accurately assess the quantitative and qualitative response to their brand’s digital marketing.

The graph below shows a comparison between the visitor numbers to a group of mainstream car brands in the Big 5 European markets recorded before and after their implementation of GDPR compliant consent dialogues. (The data is combined into a single timeline for four brands all of whom made the change close to the start of Q3 2023.) As can be seen, a staggering 40% of traffic ‘went missing’ as a result of the changes.

Graph showing aggregated monthly visits to four car brand web sites that shows a 40% fall in traffic after the implementation of GDPR compliant consent dialogues.

Unsurprisingly this is a subject of keen interest to car brand’s digital teams who are seeing the progressive shrinkage of the data they have available to assess the effectiveness of their campaign activity.

However, web analytics without user consent remains possible:

  • The solutions we can implement do not use cookies, digital fingerprints or personal data, all of which would be penalised under current legislation.
  • They allow the collection of page views and provide more data on user activity.
  • Consented traffic and consent-free traffic are used together through data modelling to provide more accurate insights into online traffic and visitor behaviour.

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