Increasing Users’ Engagement with Live Chat
The Challenge
The challenge was to improve the users’ level of engagement in the Ford of India website by increasing the number of chats, making Ford customers more informed about the products and enhancing trust between the customer and the brand.
In Europe, the launch of Proactive Chat led to an increase of 50% in average daily chat figures within the first 2 months.
Europe’s number of Potential Chat Users (visitors exposed to the chat button) represented half of the Indian ones in Q1 2016, which qualified India as a good candidate for succeeding in increasing engagement among users through Proactive Chat.
Our Solution
Proactive Chat has been implemented in the beginning of Q2 2016, in addition to the existing Live Chat button in the website. The logic of Proactive Chat is based on the Sophus3 algorithm, which detects engaged users (depending on time spent in the website, number of pages visited, whether they have chatted before or not, among other criteria) and, if an advisor is available, offers the chat invitation to each specific engaged user.
The invitation is offered in a separate page, usually in a big plan, which the user can close if he’s not interested in chatting, and is therefore more visible than the usual Live Chat button.

Proactive & Reactive

Engage with your customers through the click of a button or by actively targeting engaged visitors

Device Responsive

Initiate chats on Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.

Online Reporting

Sophus3 interface provides long-term insights into your website traffic

Fast Implementation

Get up and running in less than two weeks

The Results
Within the first 6 months after the Proactive Chat implementation, average chats per day more than doubled – the uplift was of 122%. In fact, the Proactive Chat was able to make more website visitors communicate with the brand, as Chats per 1000 Visitors increased from an average of 4.4 in Q1 to 9.1 in Q2. With this solution Ford of India was able to get in touch with more engaged users in the website, giving the brand the opportunity of turning prospect customers into existing ones and supporting users in the car buying process.
Average chats per day
User Engagement

Today’s automotive consumers want a digital service with a human touch

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