eDX consumer journey analysis
The Challenge
Generic Brand
The eDX member OEM introduced a new type of customer interaction service and was keen to understand to what degree online behaviour of visitors to this service differed to the typical visitor to the brand website. The aim was  to find opportunities to better engage with their visitors.
Our Solution
As the OEM was a long standing member of eDX, sophus3 was able to use both present and historic data to segment visitor traffic into those visiting the new online service and those who did not in order to analyse behavioural differences in terms of journey across competitive sites and third party sites as well as their levels of engagement with the brand.
Because eDX tracks such a high proportion of digital automotive activity, it was able to understand the visitors full journey across multiple sites and over time, and just as a snapshot within the brand site.
The Results
We found that visitors to the new online service were not only spending significantly longer (>3x) than the average visitor to the brand site but more importantly to competitive brand sites. Visitors to the new service were also 40% more likely to engage with the brand via the configurator, brochure request and test drive sections, than the normal visitors and the industry average. We also found that the cross shopping behaviour of the new service visitors was consistent with those visitors towards the end of the purchase funnel. In summary, visitors the new online service were self-qualifying themselves as highly engaged potential buyers.
Avg. Time on Site
More Engagement
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