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The Digital Car Buyer in Numbers 2018

Now more than ever, car brands are focusing on customer experience as the key to growing their market share. Our 2018 analysis highlights some startling trends: some obvious (the ongoing growth of the SUV sector), some less so (the diminishing importance...

Sophus3 Forum 2017 | BMW Online Retail

In November 2015 BMW became the first car brand in the UK to launch a channel allowing the end-to-end purchase of a new car online. Franz Wimmer, the brand’s General Manager for Modern Retailing, describes the success the channel has...

Sophus3 Forum Shows Future of Auto Brand Marketing

The 2017 Sophus3 Digital Automotive Market Forum, held in London at the end of February, proved to be a huge success with more than 150 participants from 25 different auto brands including Ford, Mercedes, Honda, BMW and Audi attending what...