Sophus3 and the COVID-19 crisis

Sophus3 and the COVID-19 crisis

Only a few weeks ago at our Automotive Forum in London, we were discussing the digital trends that would shape 2020. None of us who attended that event can have expected the world to change so rapidly and dramatically as it has since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everything has moved in a way that will take possibly years to understand fully. What we have seen immediately has been a dramatic fall in traffic to car brand sites followed, inevitably, by a downward spiral of vehicle sales across all markets.


At Sophus3 we have shifted gear to focus on how we can best support our colleagues and friends across the automotive sector to make sense of, and respond to, the impact of COVID-19.


Analysis and insight

We are working with our customers and members of the eDataXchange project to provide tailored, weekly reports on how events are specifically impacting their digital traffic in comparison with the audience across all automotive sites. Since the pandemic began, and social isolation policies were introduced, traffic to car brand web sites has plummeted. Our ‘COVID-19 Impact Assessment’ report looks at trends in both the quantity and quality of online interaction, allowing brands to benchmark their performance within local markets and prepare for the inflection point when consumer interest returns.

COVID-19 Impact Assessment from Sophus3

Online engagement tools

In addition, our tech teams are deploying active engagement tools to support brands and dealers in their remote interactions with consumers. We are scaling our fulfillment capabilities to meet the growing demand for these services and since the crisis took hold, have successfully implemented Live Chat Video installations for brands across Europe.  BMW, Renault, Dacia, Ford, Toyota, Jaguar, and Lexus are among the OEMs for whom we have successfully deployed bespoke systems.


Like you, we are working from home, but we are fully operational and able to support you.


Please reach out to us if you have questions about where our data and technology can help you navigate this unprecedented crisis.


Stay safe,

Scott Gairns
Managing Director /

Live Chat Video from Sophus3
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