Introducing the EV Index from Sophus3

Introducing the EV Index from Sophus3

How ready is the world for electric vehicles?

The purpose of the Sophus3 EV Index is to provide an objective measure of the readiness of the vehicle market to enable and encourage the mainstream adoption and ownership of electric vehicles (EVs).

The EV Index is formed from three pillars each measuring distinct factors that help or hinder electric vehicle acquisition. First of these is the consumer appetite to buy electric, the second is the capability of the automotive companies to supply those cars, and the third is the availability of suitable infrastructure to allow an expanding EV fleet to function effectively to meet buyers’ mobility needs.

Index frequency and coverage

  • The Sophus3 EV Index is published quarterly.
  • The Sophus3 EV Index currently measures performance in the European ‘Big 5’ markets and Norway.

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