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Sophus3 Live Chat to boost Mustang pre-orders

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Sophus3 helping Jeep understand its visitors - Click Here
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Assessing Audi A1 Launch Impact

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Understanding how your customers behave is your most powerful tool.

Our management information solutions provide you and your team with the practical knowledge and insight you need to make timely and more informed business decisions. They enable you to increase return on marketing investment, particularly in the online sector.
We are at the forefront of designing and applying technology and processes that monitor consumer behavior in the online sector. We aggregate it with data from multiple sources to give you a 360° view of your market and your customers.

We deliver practical solutions to real client issues

Our key strength lies in our ability to identify and gather the right data and information, combined with advanced and objective analysis. We provide expert services and support to companies in areas where they don’t always have in-house expertise. We can provide part or full times resources to support our clients, including working in their offices around the world.



Pulse and Events

Our Clients

  • Ford
  • Maserati
  • Audi
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mazda
  • BMW
  • Lexus
  • SEAT
  • Volkswagen
  • Toyota
  • Fiat
  • Peugeot

Our clients' results

  • Additional lead generation
  • Visitors Engagement
  • Market understanding


  • “I consider the car industry lucky to have such a great solution available to all its players with nearly all of them participating. eDX is a great tool allowing Nissan since 101/2004 to benchmark its B2C online performance vs the competition.  We are expecting a lot from this initiative especially the ability to understand better the origin of performances in terms of audience and leads.  We are persuaded that eDX will become overtime a ‘must have’ for the online world of Automotive industry.”

    Nissan, B2C Manager
  • Working with Sophus3 is like working with the person sat next to you. On the rare occasion you have a question they always resolve it in a speedy manner. Their approach to business and relationships puts you at ease with a confidence they will deliver what they say; on time every time. Their proactive nature just goes that further step forward to reassure you! Karen Peeters, Toyota Motor Europe

  • “We were one of the first companies to join sophus3’s eDataXchange programme.  Sophus3 also provides our Web Tracking Tool (eMetrics) system.  This is a comprehensive multi-user application covering all our B2C sites and applications.  We have been very satisfied with the service we have received from sophus3.  They have provided valuable industry expertise and responded to our demands in a prompt and professional manner.”

    Audi, Webtracking Project Manager
  • Sophus3 conducted a number of projects for the Newspaper Marketing Agency, notably the first all-industry data for digital national newspapers. The data from sophus3 provided valuable information and insights for advertisers and agencies, and for the newspapers themselves. Maureen Duffy, CEO NMA


Our produtcs and services

eMetrics is a full service management information solution that gives you an overview of the effectiveness of your e-business and digital marketing activity in a format that’s easy to absorb. It enables you to improve the effectiveness of your website, your campaigns, your online revenues and your conversion of visitors into leads. It also helps you to understand your customers’ needs better.
Benchmarking the volume and behaviour of visitors to your website against others in the sector is crucial to understanding how well you are performing. eDataXchange (eDX) is a sector and country collaborative study that monitors consumer behaviour across websites. It enables you to set targets, measure your performance against the market leader and understand the effect of both your own and your competitors marketing campaigns on visitors to your website.
Brand Consideration Tracking
Brand Consideration Tracking (BCT) monitors the actual brands (and products or models) consumers evaluate before making a purchase, often providing some surprising results. It enables you to plan your marketing strategy more effectively and optimise your tactical and incentive activities relative to your true competition.
Active Engagement
Sophus3 Active Engagement is a suite of services that help achieve a greater return from your website by engaging visitors in conversation, with an offer or a useful suggestion, at a time when they are most open to it. By offering them what they need at the right time, you increase the chances of engaging them and thus guiding them further along the buying process towards your brand.
Live Chat
We offer our clients a unique Live Chat functionality designed around their respective needs. Live Chat lets you talk to people on your website who are interested in buying or want to get more information from you. Our AE Live Chat is able to work out when a visitor might be open to chat and invites them to do so. This means you are able to answer any questions they may have and move them closer to buying your brand rather than that of a competitor.

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