Sophus3 Digital Automotive Summit 2022

7 trends in digital automotive marketing

With our face-to-face events on hold, the Sophus3 insight team brings you the latest in digital marketing best practice in this exclusive video for eDataXchange clients.

FEBRUARY 24, 2022 11.00 CET: In this 2022 edition of the Sophus3 Digital Automotive Summit, we bring you exclusive analysis of trends in the past 12 months and what it means for the year ahead. What progress has the industry made in its quest for customer-centricity as it transitions to ecommerce and the opportunities it will unlock?

With data from the eDataXchange partnership of 20 car brands in Europe and analysis from our experienced insight team, our 15-minute market summary includes:


  • Latest data on the car buying journey and the opportunities in digital
  • Why finance has become the ‘conversation-starter’
  • How to identify in-market visitors
  • When to introduce human contact to increase conversions
  • Why a single KPI language can unify your digital functions.


The Summit is accompanied by a white paper that examines the lessons from 2021 and looks ahead in 2022 and beyond. To receive your copy, simply fill-in the form below.


Watch out for further videos in our Automotive Summit series, starting with our ecommerce special in Q2 2022.

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