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Tuesday 11th February 2020
From 9AM to 6PM

Join us to discuss the future of automotive marketing

Invitation-only event for Europe’s leading car brands

The 17th Sophus3 Summit will bring together more than 200 European automotive leaders to discuss the latest trends in digital marketing.

Drawing on two decades of automotive digital expertise, our hand-picked panel of speakers from leading brands will share best practice in online customer experience.
Sophus3 is Europe’s most trusted independent source of automotive insight, providing an empirical view of the modern car buyer to help brands to make the right tactical and strategic decisions.

Creative customer strategies in the lead-gen era

Our theme for 2020 tackles both operational and strategic challenges

Today’s shifting market conditions require car brands to master both efficiency and innovation – so called ‘ambidexterity’.

Data is a key weapon in addressing the twin challenges of marketing efficiency in the short term and customer-centric innovation in the longterm.

The Sophus3 Summit focuses on the practical rather than the theoretical, encouraging delegates to share experiences in a neutral, collaborative environment. 

Data is key to bringing teams together

Sharing best practices for the last 17 years

Sophus3’s senior analyst Tania Hodgkinson has been sharing best practice for the past 17 years through the benchmarking platform, eDataXchange.

‘As the pressure grows on car brands to be expert in both instant results and longterm business transformation, our focus in 2020 is a reporting approach that gives disparate teams a common set of objectives.
‘Car brands are undergoing a customer-driven culture change. Our ambition is to bring a unifying KPI language across the organisation, providing a starting point for digital performance optimisation.’

The Sophus3 Summit is an opportunity to explore these themes in an informal yet focused way.

Our speakers, past and present

Europe’s leading experts come together to share best practice in automotive digital

Sophus3 Q1 2020 Participants

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