Devised as a way to make the digital experience more human, the Digital Showroom connects people to real-life automotive experts in real time. Next to a house, buying a car is one of the biggest purchases people make. But gathering information on the right vehicle usually happens in two ways: researching online, where information is relatively static, and actually getting yourself out to a dealership, where people often feel extreme pressure to sign the purchase order.
Sophus3 has devised a way to bridge that gap between the web and real life with its Digital Showroom, a virtual test drive experience that connects people with a team of automotive experts at the ready to explore a car’s features in real time.

Key Features

Text Chat

Convenient text web chat as part of an interactive omnichannel experience in real time.

Site Audit

A Systematic, comprehensive evaluation of the current tag configuration of your website


Share any document, e.g. presentations, offers, product sheets, web pages, running applications or any other content with the customer,

KPI Discovery

Determine the key performance indicators for your website and setup profiles and advanced segments within to focus in on those areas

Share Adverts

Segment your users to understand and target those that are not engaged


Training courses on your Web Analytics platform where we will teach you practical skills and analytics tips to get the most out of your data

360 View

We identify and remove all your fake traffic recorded by bots or crawlers

Tag Management

A tighter control over your digital marketing and analytics programs

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