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October 2020: BMW on accelerating your digital strategy

With our face-to-face events on hold, Sophus3 has invited some of the global car industry’s leading thinkers to provide insight and advice to our eDataXchange clients.

OCTOBER 20, 2020 10.00 UK: In this broadcast, we speak to Marcus Casey, BMW global head of digital and ecommerce, about BMW’s 2021 strategy and how the online experience must change. As well as providing our own analysis of what it takes to sell online, we also talk to US retail specialist Russ Hill, who led Audi USA sales in their period of exponential growth. Russ provides us with a best practice guide to post-pandemic retail strategy.

In this episode


  • Why BMW spent more on digital in lockdown
  • How the car buying journey must become more transactional
  • Ways in which digital has changed the customer mindset
  • Why dealers must give the buyer the price they’ve seen online
  • Why the time it takes to buy a car must – and will – reduce.

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