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November 2020: Opel on redesigning the sales funnel

With our face-to-face events on hold, Sophus3 has invited some of the global car industry’s leading thinkers to provide insight and advice to our eDataXchange clients.

NOVEMBER 23 10.00 UK: In our second broadcast, produced exclusively for members of the eDataXchange partnership, we talk to one of Europe’s most respected automotive experts Damir Gavran, Opel/Vauxhall sales and marketing operations manager.

In this episode:

  • How today’s sales funnel has ‘halved’ for OEMs using new digital tools
  • Why OEMs must adapt their offers to match new customer expectations
  • What KPIs matter most in the new retail world
  • Why there is no clear best practice yet across Europe’s digital platforms
  • How OEMs should work with marketplaces such as AutoTrader and Carwow

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