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March 2021: EV Digital Marketing Best Practice

With our face-to-face events on hold, Sophus3 has invited some of the global car industry’s leading thinkers to provide insight and advice to our eDataXchange clients.

MARCH 2ND 2021, 11:00 CET: In our third broadcast, produced exclusively for members of the eDataXchange partnership, we talk to Jonathan Goodman, CEO Polestar UK and Head of Global Communications.

This edition of Sophus3 Quarterly Insights looks at the growing demand for Electric Vehicles and the challenges they present to car industry digital marketeers.


The event includes three presentations to explore best practice:


Jonathan Goodman, CEO of Polestar UK and Head of Global Communications, will discuss the challenges of launching a digital-only EV brand and what the company has learnt during its first year of vehicle sales in the UK.


Patrick Fuller, our Head of Insights, will show how the Sophus3 EV Index monitors market readiness for electric vehicle adoption, and how it can assist car brands’ strategic thinking. You can access the latest EV Index here.


Scott Gairns, managing director of Sophus3, will share data and insight which show how the needs of the online EV shopper differ and how a focus on personalisation can help car brands understand and respond to those differences.


Some of the insights that will be shared:


    • Best practice approaches to EV marketing
    • Why OEMs must think like a small team as they transition to electric
    • What KPIs matter most in digital EV retail
    • How ‘premium’ can be achieved ‘on screen’
    • Assessing your EV-readiness using the Sophus3 EV Index

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