Sophus3 2021 Automotive Digital Summit

Rethinking car buying for the ecommerce age

In this 60-minute broadcast, created exclusively for members of the eDataXchange partnership, we hear from Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Hyundai, Polestar and carwow.

The Sophus3 Automotive Digital Summit 2021 provides unique insights into the European car buyer based on data from the eDataXchange collaborative partnership. In a running time of 57 minutes, our detailed market update includes:


  • Keynote interviews with leading industry digital thinkers
  • Lessons learnt in the past six months
  • Step-by-step guide to best practice in customer-direct digital strategy
  • How to prepare for the next six months.




  1. Keynote interview: Global challenge = digital opportunity
  2. Christian Loeer, marketing director JLR Germany
  3. Sophus3 analysis: lessons and opportunities from the past six months with Tania Hodgkinson, chief analyst, and Patrick Fuller, head of insight
  4. Specialist panel: How 2020 reimagined customer-centricity
  5. Marcus Casey, VP of digital and ecommerce BMW Group
  6. Damir Gavran, European CX Innovation Manager Hyundai Motor Europe
  7. Jonathan Goodman, CEO Polestar UK
  8. Analysis: step-by-step guide to best practice in customer-direct digital strategy with Scott Gairns, managing director Sophus3
  9. Keynote interview: how media is capitalising on its direct sales expertise
  10. Sepi Arani, head of OEM, carwow

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