Sophus3 2018 Forum Survey

So that we can continue to bring you relevant content and interesting speakers, we would appreciate 2 minutes of your time to provide us with your feedback on the Sophus3 forum. You will be able to download the presentations after this survey.

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How did you hear about the Sophus3 forum?
What was the main reason for attending the forum?
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How valuable was the forum day for you personally?
How did you rate The Henry Wellcome Centre in terms of location?
How do you rate The Henry Wellcome Centre as a venue overall (AV Quality/Catering/Facilities)?
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Please rate the Forum presentations on the scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest:
2017 Digital Year in Review (Paul Rutishauser from Sophus3)
Dirsupt! (James Bidwell)
Tomorrow’s Leadership (Peter Hawkins)
Joining up Existing and Disrupting Business Models (Nick Reed from Bosch)
Joining up Across Silos to Deliver New Ownerhip Models (Claudio Annicchiarico from JLR)
Digital Transformation Of Big Corporation Myth Or Reality  (Patrick Hoffstetter, former Renault CDO)
Digital Twin Customer Journey (RTObjects and Unreal)
Navigating the Future with Lighthouse Projects (Timo Winkelbach from Hyundai)
Online New Car Retail, What is it’s role, how will it develop (Steve Young from ICDP)
GDPR Myths for Digital Marketeers (Chris Bridges)
The Digital Purchase Funnel (Scott Gairns from Sophus3)
Are there any specific topics you would like us to cover in the future?
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