Sophus3 Digital Automotive Summit 2019

Join the insight team from Sophus3 and 200 automotive digital specialists to debate the future of car buying

How can data help automotive brands to transform from being product-centric to customer-centric? How should reporting evolve to give better insights more quickly in a world of information overload? Which technologies and methods are most effective in driving customer engagement and driving digital transformation?

These are the key themes of the 25th Sophus3 Digital Automotive Summit, the invitation-only event that brings together 40 participating brands in the eDataXchange project, the partnership between automotive OEMs to provide better intelligence on, and benchmarking of, their digital marketing performance.


Henry Wellcome Auditorium
183 Euston Road
London NW1 2BE


Tuesday 26th February 2019
From 9AM to 6PM

A New Era for the Industry

200 Participants from autmotive brands in 2018

Following conversations with those brands and other attendees, this year’s theme is tightly focussed on day-to-day digital best practice to guide the sector through the approaching period of unprecedented change as disruptive technologies and business models threaten the familiar order. Some of the questions we will be asking include: what data should brands be working with to measure performance and assist in their digital transformation? What KPIs will help them change from a product-centric to a customer-centric capability. At a time of data overload and ever faster change, how should reporting evolve to give better insights more quickly? Which technologies and methods are most effective in driving customer engagement?

Learn from Best Practice

Sharing best practice for the last 15 years

Tania Hodgkinson, Head of eDataXchange at Sophus3, described some of the challenges for car brands online: “Despite the huge effort they expend in driving traffic and enabling engagement, still over half of visitors to their sites do not engage beyond the first page that they see. Three out of four that do will subsequently drop out of the engagement process. Digital buyers are becoming ever less forgiving, and meeting this challenge is fundamental if automotive companies are to survive and thrive as heavily reconfigured digital businesses.”

The 2019 Digital Automotive Forum will bring together experts from a variety of disciplines to examine emerging digital trends and innovations. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing more about the topics we will be covering and revealing our line up of expert speakers, both from within and from outside the industry.

Conference Schedule

The Wellcome Collection - 26th February 2019
  • Sophus3 Conference AM

    February 26

  • Paul Rutishauser / Editor of Automotive Market Intelligence

  • Vitality is a business developed around a very strong purpose. Its purpose is to make people healthier and thereby change their lives. Through Vitality’s behavioural based insurance model Vitality now has over 17 million members worldwide and its approach has changed the dynamics within the sector. With a deep background in the car industry, Greg shares the key lesson’s car brands can take from Vitality’s innovative and segment disrupting approach.

  • Bruno Marion will share a new and simple framework that will make you and your organization thrive in a chaotic world, create new breakthroughs, be more resilient and even benefit from crises. Through this innovative lens powered by the Sciences of Chaos, he offers us a radical new strategy for our personal and professional lives, as well as for our institutions and organizations. Bruno Marion will show us why and how our world has become chaotic, help us master the most important trends of the future that will specifically impact you and your business, tell us how chaos theory can help us, help us to smoothly ride the tsunami of changes, giving us several practical examples. Bruno will not only help you to understand the future, it will give you the tools to design your own future.

  • Sophus3 Conference PM

    February 26

  • Nobody really “needs” a motorcycle. Most of the time bikes are purchased out of “desire” rather than need and ridden for pleasure. In that context, what can car OEMs learn from how motorbike brands put the customer at the forefront, build direct consumer communities, use direct channels to the consumer more effectively and focus on creating experiences. Rob Lindley, MD of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, has in-depth experience in both the car and motorbike industries and will share the key lessons he believes are relevant in the shifting automotive landscape today and how Mitsubishi has applied insights to achieve over 20% growth in a declining UK car market.

  • Creating a brilliant car is no longer enough to win the hearts of customers who are looking for new ways to get around. How should brands innovate in this new world of customer experience?

  • Moderated discussion with representatives from car brand, publishing, infrastructure and new market entrants.

Our Speakers

Speakers from current and previous Sophus3 Digital Automotive Summits

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Sophus3 Summit Location

The Wellcome Collection

Henry Wellcome Auditorium
183 Euston Road,
NW1 2BE,

From 9 AM to 6 PM

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