GTM Implementation and GA Reporting
The Challenge
  1. Getting an understanding and modelling a funnellisation of user behaviour through the Dealer Locator
  2. Correlating user interaction on the Dealer Locator to the online Maserati US Dealer Network performance, to gain useful statistics and actionable insights
Our Solution
Sophus tagged on the Google Tag Manager container all available interactions on the Dealer Locator, and collected the necessary data for the analysis. Subsequently, we combined the resulting quantitative figures with qualitative values relative to the users available on Google Analytics (geo, device type, origin of the visit), and developed a monthly deliverable featuring a summary of the main statistics, KPIs, and takeaways, both at email and report level.

Event Tagging

Custom implementation of all Dealer Interactions


Qualitative & Qualitative Data

The Results

Maserati of North America are now able to quickly check the Dealer Locator Key Performance Indicators from several standpoints. The client is also in full possession of the data, meaning they can both make use of the 8, pre-set views (e.g., Dealers emailed through the Dealer Locator sorted by User Device) and manipulate the data to further combine the available information (e.g., Number of users from California who clicked on “x” Dealer on the Dealer Locator map).

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