Ford uses sophus3 Live Chat to boost Mustang pre-orders
The Challenge
During the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Club Atlético de Madrid, Ford of Europe opened online bookings for its new Mustang model for the first time, ahead of its European launch.
500 Mustangs for sale EU customers could pre-order one of 500 of the new Mustang models from kickoff on 24th May, until the final whistle, on the car marques’ website. The model will launch in Europe next year, and the May booking window during the match marked the first time in the sports car’s 50-year history that it will be sold across Europe. Customers could view information, graphics and videos about the new mustang and its heritage on the Ford website
Our Solution
Sophus3 Live Chat to communicate with the prospects In order to reassure the prospects in this new and unique way of pre-ordering a car, Ford of Europe used sophus3 Live Chat technology.
– Sophus3 Live Chat technology to communicate with the clients.
– Handle the display of the Live Chat button so only engaged visitors chat with Ford agents
– Measure the satisfaction of the customers who entered a chat.
Ford Sophus3 Live Chat
Ford France Sophus Live Chat

Proactive & Reactive

Engage with your customers through the click of a button or by actively targeting engaged visitors

Device Responsive

Initiate chats on Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.

Online Reporting

Sophus3 interface provides long-term insights into your website traffic

Fast Implementation

Get up and running in less than two weeks

The Results

Increasing customer interaction and satisfaction. Thousands of visitors went on the Mustang microsites during the campaign:
– 400+ chats across 3 markets (France, Germany and Spain)
– Out of those chats, 65 % of the visitors pre-ordered a Mustang
– Customer satisfaction was 4.6 out of 5 – Most visitors wanted to be reassured by a “human” before making such an important purchase online.
– Visitors who entered a chat were 6 times more engaged than average visitors. At the end of the campaign, stakeholders were delighted by the amount of chats which resulted in the pre-order of a car.
At the end of the campaign, stakeholders were delighted by the amount of chats which resulted in the pre-order of a car.
Chats across 3 markets (France, Germany and Spain)
User Engagement
Customer satisfaction (Out of 5)

The arrival of the new Ford Mustang in Europe is an event that deserves the biggest possible stage

Roelant de Waard, Vice president, marketing, Ford of Europe

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