Ioniq Model Launch Assesment
The Challenge

With the launch of a new Digital Hub for IONIQ, the objective was to provide a tracking and a reporting system that could enable Hyundai to fully understand:

> How the audience perceives the concept associated with IONIQ, after the Go-Live of the Digital Hub;

> How the users interact with the Hub;

> How the Hub can play a key role towards lead generation and brand awareness.

Our Solution
After thoroughly auditing the Hub and analysing the User Journey, Sophus3 put forward a solution which was to provide consultancy and reporting services for 7 countries. This included:
> How to improve conversion
> Where to best locate content and CTA buttons
> How the Hub works as a propeller of quality traffic towards the national websites

Event Tagging

Custom Events to track User interactions

Media Performance

Weekly Reporting

Cross Domain Tracking

Properly track and record a user as he moves between your different domains

Fast Implementation

Get up and running in less than two weeks

The Results
From the analysis Hyundai could better understand:
> The existing opportunities for hot prospects and in-market audience;
> The reception of the new hybrid car in the digital world;
> How to help calibrate their message conveying, media planning and investment efforts through Digital Campaigns;
> How the different traffic sources and channels compare to each other when it comes to generating results.

The analysis provided by Sophus3 proved to be extremely useful and enlightening. It has provided us with valuable insight, helping us to make effective and comprehensive digital plans

Rafael Mateu de Ros Martinez - Head of Digital, Innovation and Media Europe at Hyundai Motor Europe

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