Since the spectacular rise and fall of automotive online retailers during the dot-com boom, the received wisdom within the industry has been that buying a car online remains a bridge too far for many — however comfortable they may have become with the digital world and the online purchase of other goods and services. 
Yet as the whitepaper will show, not only have consumers become more open to buying their next car online, there have also been a number of developments which remove many of the friction points within the online purchase process. A ‘new wave’ of automotive e-tailers has entered the market in recent months, clearly sensing an unmet need. However, an increasing number of automotive brands seem determined to keep pace with these disruptors, by setting up their
own online retail capabilities.
This whitepaper looks at the current progress and potential of the different initiatives within the industry.
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AMI Whitepaper - Q3 2016
AMI Summary - Q3 2016
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