Sophus3 Quarterly Insights Event: Sales funnel has halved, says Opel

2020 Q4

Damir Gavran | Manager, sales and marketing operations Opel/Vauxhall

In the latest Sophus3’s Quarterly Insights event, we hear from an Opel digital pioneer

The sales funnel has halved for car brands using the latest digital engagement tools, according to Damir Gavran, Opel/Vauxhall manager of sales and marketing operations.


In the second of Sophus3’s quarterly insights webinar series, Gavran shares his insight into the evolving online car buying process alongside the latest data from the Sophus3 eDataXchange partnership.


The sales funnel is no longer a step-by-step process of qualification using standard online tools such as finance calculators and forms, but rather a ‘process of engagement’.


‘We are cutting the funnel in half,’ says Gavran. ‘After the initial engagement, it’s about grabbing the customer immediately using digital tools like video chat.’

With multiple challenges to automotive retail, including up to 40 per cent of consumers deferring purchase because of the pandemic, uncertainty or simply ‘waiting for discounts’, Gavran says that car brands must embrace a more flexible, reactive mindset based on good communication and simplicity.

Online marketplaces such as AutoTrader and Carwow in the UK are investing heavily in the customer experience and ‘cannot be ignored’, although the final shape of the relationship between OEM, media platform and retailer is still taking shape. ‘There is no clear best practice yet. It’s just different,’ he says.


Digital teams must commit to what the data is telling them, while avoiding the risk of ‘analysis paralysis’. ‘We could have a million KPIs and in some ways that is good – but we must not become paralysed. if I were to have just one KPI it would definitely be customer satisfaction.’


The Sophus3 Quarterly Insights November webinar also contains the latest intelligence and data on the European car buyer.


Access to the complete recording has now been opened up and it can be viewed here.



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