Renault, PSA and Hyundai use Sophus3 solutions for live chat video

Renault, PSA and Hyundai use Sophus3 solutions for live chat video

Automotive OEMs turn to Sophus3 for the rapid deployment of 'must have' virtual solutions as the disruptive effects of Covid-19 continue.

Groupe Renault UK turned to Sophus3 in April 2020 when its 150 showrooms were shuttered across the UK because of the coronavirus pandemic. Renault needed an agile and cost-effective way to continue conversations with its customers and – in just five days – Sophus3 had implemented a virtual showroom to do just that.


It’s an internationally scalable model that has since been embraced across Europe by Hyundai Europe and PSA, connecting hundreds of dealers to customers who want to complete 90 per cent of their sales journey from home.


Crucially, the Sophus3 solution works through standard web browsers, which means there is no need for specialist equipment or additional software. It also minimises the bandwidth required, so that a standard internet connection provides good quality video without annoying buffering or stutter.


The demands on the client IT team are minimal, needing only to provide the creative assets for the system to have the brand’s look and feel, and then to enable Sophus3’s tags on their website for the system to go live, engaging with online visitors to offer purchase support and tours of the cars themselves.


In Renault’s case, a physical showroom was created where the cars were held for display, staffed by ‘Product Gurus’ from a specialist events management company, Fusion. For Hyundai and PSA, Sophus3 has enabled existing sales resource based at dealerships to connect with customers for the first time online in a friction-free way.


Speaking to Motor Trader about the initiative, Groupe PSA network development director UK, David March, said: “Online retail and remote selling is one of the big growth areas for the automotive retail sector. With virtual showroom, we are bringing the same tailored showroom experience our customers are used to when visiting our physical retail sites to the comfort of their home.


‘At Groupe PSA we’re keen to position ourselves at the forefront of digital excellence. We are adapting our business to respond not only to the current crisis but also for longer term trends and shifts in consumer behaviours.’


Since launch, the Sophus3 solution has been scaled successfully and thousands of live tours have been conducted across Europe, with complete flexibility to match customer shopping habits. Call volumes have increased exponentially since the easing of lockdown restrictions, as more and more customers choose digital to complete all but the final stages of the purchase process. This is particularly true of new technology models such as EVs – a fifth of Renault calls are for the Zoe, for example – where customers hungry for information and reassurance, leading to high engagement of seven minutes average call duration and a customer feedback satisfaction of four out of five stars.


As the European car industry commits to establishing new ways to connect with customers and showcase cars in the face of local lockdowns and social distancing, the Sophus3 live chat video solution is proving itself a leader in agility, cost and convenience. For more details of how it could work for your brand please email

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