Automotive insight specialists, Sophus3, strengthen European ties and grow global business with major Porsche AG and Volkswagen AG contracts

Automotive insight specialists, Sophus3, strengthen European ties and grow global business with major Porsche AG and Volkswagen AG contracts


British technology company expands into Europe with new Frankfurt office

Automotive expertise and unrivalled access to online car-buyer behaviour key to global wins


London, Wednesday June 13th 2018: London-based Sophus3, the UK’s leading automotive analysis and technology company, has won major new global accounts with Volkswagen’s and Porsche’s corporate headquarters in Wolfsburg and Stuttgart respectively. These significant business wins build on Sophus3’s successful work with existing German-based automotive clients, including Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Opel and Toyota.


Sophus3’s recent successes in Germany underpin the company’s continued growth and has triggered the establishment of a new European office in Frankfurt. At a time of unrest and unease across UK and European business, and automotive specifically, Sophus3 continues to grow its global impact in the automotive industry.


Marcus Hodgkinson, Chairman, Sophus3 said: “Despite ongoing economic and political challenges, 2018 is proving to be a game-changing year for Sophus3 and bucks the trend for contraction in the auto industry. As a global technology business that relies on European customers and employees, Brexit is a distraction that we don’t need, and a constant discussion with our European clients. But we have earned an excellent reputation in the industry for innovation and technology leadership which continues to attract the best data scientists, data analysts and automotive consultants from across Europe to work for us in London and, now, Frankfurt. This expertise was fundamental to Volkswagen’s and Porsche’s decisions, but is reinforced by our position as European-based with a global outlook.


“The majority of our team are from the EU mainland, so spending valuable management time trying to second guess and plan for what the Brexit negotiations will deliver for us and the car industry continues to be a frustrating and unnecessary concern. In the meantime, we are growing our global presence, contributing to our European automotive clients’ growth, and improving car buyers’ online experiences with innovative, unique and valuable consumer insight and digital communication tools.”


Sophus3 beat a number of major international analytics and technology consultancies to secure Volkswagen AG’s global online data analysis contract and be selected as their global ‘analytics and insight partner’. With responsibility for analysing all anonymous online behaviour on, to and from all of VW’s global brand websites, Sophus3 will play a crucial role in defining how Volkswagen defines its digital presence in line with continued and significant changes in car-buying behaviour.


Porsche AG selected Sophus3 to activate new digital tools that enhance their website visitors’ experiences. Porsche recognised early that changes in online consumer behaviour do not ignore the luxury sector and contracted Sophus3 to input proven digital engagement systems such as LiveChat in a range of markets including Germany and the world’s biggest, China.


Marcus Hodgkinson established Sophus3 in 2002. The company now holds unparalleled knowledge of new car buyer behaviour and trends online, via a unique presence in automotive analytics and digital activation services having secured all volume and premium automotive brands in Europe as clients on a collaborative system.


This ensures that clients do not rely on analysis of their websites in isolation, nor on simple historical sales data to understand consumer demand and trends: Sophus3’s insight and services are unique in the car industry and provide more context and real-time analysis of how consumers are entering car brands’ digital channels, how they are behaving online, where they are coming from and going to, and where interest leads to sales or lost customers due to frustrating, irrelevant or unnecessary digital journeys.


Hodgkinson said: “Car brands have traditionally relied on their marketing agencies to report to them on consumer behaviour driven by marketing spend and performance. The inherent problem there is that this is a classic ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ scenario: they are bound to report that all is well. We are a new breed of analytics company that is independent of any advertising or media buying agency so are able to report in real-time with no conflict of interest. This provides our clients – the whole of the European car industry in effect – with unbiased and objective global insight, knowledge and experience of the automotive consumer journey.”


Editors’ notes

Sophus3 H1 2018 Media Forum

On July 10th in London, Sophus3 will host the first of its planned bi-annual media forums that aims to provide key insights into the digital winners and losers amongst car brands over the previous six months, and look ahead to the next six months, forecasting 2018’s new car sales results based on the ongoing real-time analysis of over one billion clicks on car brands’ websites per year.


About Sophus3

Sophus3 is a London-based multi-national team analysing all volume and premium car brands’ web traffic in Europe, providing insight, analysis, advice, tactics and tools that enable car brands to better facilitate online consumer journeys


The company was founded by automotive digital entrepreneur, Marcus Hodgkinson in 2002 with the ambition to build a collaborative online analysis platform for car brands in order to help brands understand consumer demand and market better to consumers increasingly researching cars online.


As Europe’s only automotive technology company analysing online activity on behalf of all European-based global car brands’ websites, Sophus3 provides quarterly (AMI) market reports providing a comprehensive picture of consumer online behaviour on and between car brand digital platforms, whitepapers such as the recent – “The end of the ICE age? – Digital insights into the electric vehicle buyer” – and an annual automotive insights forum and report – “The digital car buyer in numbers”.


Marcus Hodgkinson: Chairman, Sophus3

Marcus has been involved with the auto industry since 1986. Between 1987 and 1997 he established and headed up Urban Science International – an automotive market analysis consultancy with approximately 400 employees worldwide – taking on European operations and in 1997 joined the board in the USA. From Urban Science Marcus joined as the Managing Director of International Operations and in 2001 he co-founded Sophus3.


After holding the post of Managing Director of London-based Sophus3 for 14 years he became Chairman of the Board in 2016. Marcus also remains a board director at MS3Insight Ltd – Europe’s first real-time digital marketing performance monitoring and benchmarking service provider for Asset Managers, offering a pioneering service for delivering actionable market, customer and product insight.


Marcus is also a founding member of the Automotive Fellowship. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics and Computer Science from the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany.

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