Sophus3 and guests to reveal the trends and secrets set to transform car-buying in 2018

Sophus3 and guests to reveal the trends and secrets set to transform car-buying in 2018


London, Monday 19 February: Sophus3, Europe’s leading automotive digital market and consumer intelligence provider, announces its 16th annual forum in London on Thursday 22 February. A record number of attendees have registered to attend and discuss the immediate and future car-buying landscape with major car brands, tier one suppliers, consumer behaviour and management experts.


Sophus3’s annual forum focuses on the company’s eDataXchange collaboration, a unique online analysis and data-sharing service that provides over 30 automotive brands, and leading automotive media publishers, with insights into market and digital marketing performance. This intelligence has been gathered from a record 1.3 billion individual consumer visits to car brand websites in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK in 2017: each ‘click’ visible to, and analysed by, Sophus3.


Guest speakers from the likes of Bosch, Henley Business School, Epic Games, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover and Springwise will examine emerging digital trends and share knowledge and digital marketing best practice. Sophus3 will present their conclusions from 2017’s analysis of automotive online behaviour and, looking ahead, assess how brands can increase online consumer engagement as the industry approaches a tectonic shift towards mobility, electrification and online transactions.


Initial data highlights that will be discussed include:


  • YouTube takes over from TV: nearly one billion visits to automotive YouTube films (up 55% on 2016) drove a 47% increase in subscriptions to car brand YouTube channels
  • Smartphones make smart consumers: for the first time half of all visits to websites came via mobile devices across the EU’s ‘big 5’ new car sales markets
  • Deep pockets and deep thought: Renault was Europe’s biggest spender in a record year for advertising, but Tesla arguably executed the smartest digital marketing, spending nothing on advertising yet seeing an 80% increase in registrations
  • TGI Wednesday: Sophus3 raises the question of why Wednesday was the most popular day for website visits in 2017, having been the least popular browsing day in 2016


Sophus3 managing director Scott Gairns said:Each year interest in the forum grows as we reveal our latest findings that impact on the Automotive Industry. The 2017 statistics confirm that the industry is undergoing its greatest ever change and the challenge for automotive brands is how they become fully integrated, consumer-centric digital businesses that can meet the current needs of the car-buyer, while preparing for the onset of many of those car-buyers becoming mobility users.


“After many years of measuring unique insights, we are seeing significant consumer behavioural change and a need for car companies to get even smarter in how they interact digitally. The forum focuses on the necessity for car brands to be “all joined up” internally and externally in order to build their digital effectiveness. Particularly now that the digital giants such as Apple, Amazon, Didi Chuxing, and Google launch automotive products and services.”


Details of speakers and topics can be found at:


The Sophus3 forum panel comprises:

  • Paul Rutishauser: Editor of Sophus3’s Automotive Market Intelligence report
  • James Bidwell: CEO of Springwise and author of ‘Disrupt’
  • Peter Hawkins: Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School
  • Nick Reed: Head of Mobility R&D, Bosch
  • Claudio Annicchiarico: Jaguar Land Rover’s Global Infrastructure General Manager
  • Patrick Hoffstetter: Founder and CEO, Newmedia360 and former CDO, Renault
  • Ian Monaghan: Founder, RT Objects
  • Keef Sloan: Unreal Engine Enterprise (part of Epic Games), Senior Marketing Manager
  • Timo Winkelbach: Hyundai Motor Europe’s Digital and Platform Manager
  • Steve Young : Managing Director at automotive analysts ICDP
  • Chris Bridge: solicitor and GDPR specialist at Irwin Mitchell


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