YouTube & Automotive Brands in 2014

UK Automotive Manufacturers & YouTube in 2014

Is an Online Video Strategy a choice or a necessity?
Sophus3 analysis on the 2014 YouTube videos of car manufacturers in the United Kingdom shows evidence that across all brands, views of automotive videos have increased by 65% vs previous year, with Car brands uploading more than 7K videos online during 2014. For every single brand now, having a YouTube strategy is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity Go Here.

The auto industry is still not at the same level of other industries, but it already has an audience of 232K Subscribers, growing continuously at the rate of 225 new subscribers per brand, every month. Sophus3 provides a unique Social Media Benchmark across all auto brands and all Social Media Channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) so that every brand can understand how effective their Social Media Activities are in comparison to the rest of the market.

Is your brand currently undertaking an Online Video Campaign? Do you want to know how well you are performing against your most direct competitors? Would you like to find out more about new trends or how you can reach new audiences? Then get in touch with sophus3 and get your Brand Benchmark now!