sophus3 partners with publisher WhatCar?

What Car? and Sophus3, the online consumer behaviour specialist, have partnered to create a pioneering lead generation tool that decodes online consumer behaviour.

The newly-enhanced Connect service, a first for the automotive industry, enables the UK’s biggest car buyer’s guide to reconstruct a consumer’s online car-buying journey in real time, pinpointing users who are likely to be in the purchase process.

Dubbed the ‘year of online’ by motor industry insiders, 2014 will see the understanding of consumers’ digital journey prior to buying, or not, become ever more crucial.

Uniquely, the partnership allows What Car? (with its 2.4 million monthly visitors) and Sophus3 to decode patterns of behaviour, thereby triggering engagement with consumers deemed as highly-motivated .

Stephen Barr, Director of insight & data at What Car? Connect, said: “We can now tell dealers a lot more information than we could before; through Connect and with Sophus3’s help we really will know when a buyer is active and we’ll have a clear picture of what he or she wants.

“Working with Sophus3 and, for example, Ford, we can now determine when a consumer has, for instance, used Ford’s configurator tool, then visited to read a Ford Kuga review and used our valuation tool for their existing Nissan Juke. This, along with other details, tells us an awful lot about the buyer and enables us to engage with the right person at exactly the right time – information we can then provide to an appropriate Ford dealer.”

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