Iphone Users Visiting Car Websites

iPhone Users Visiting Automotive Websites

Is the Iphone 6 going to have a big impact in the game? Take a look at sophus3 eDataXchange Infographics.

Iphone Users Visiting Car Websites
Millions across the world followed the recent launch of the iphone 6 and many will flock to stores and their mobile providers to get it. What does it mean for car manufacturers?
With a significant portion of visitors to automotive websites using smartphones to access their content, will the bigger screen and higher resolution mean an even larger proportion of visitors flocking to automotive content via the iPhone?

Of the 61 Million Visits to auto brand websites in August across UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France, 24.8% on average visited on their phone. With such a significant audience, auto manufacturers will also consider how best to use the real estate available, especially in light of the higher propensity of mobile device users to interact compared with laptop/desktop users.

“Advances in technology are exciting. They prompt us to rethink our approach to a well adopted way of doing things. Soon millions could potentially be walking around with an Apple Watch, so how will auto manufacturers rethink supporting their customers’ digital interaction with them. It’s a challenge to manage, but it’s also a huge opportunity for them to heighten interaction with an already significant and still growing automotive audience,” says Marcus Hodgkinson, CEO at sophus3.

As part of the automotive market intelligence reporting for auto brands, sophus3 will monitor the impact as the market adopts these new devices.

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