AMI August: Device Shift challenges car brand websites


At sophus3 we have been watching closely the way in which car brand websites are being accessed by Device Shiftvisitors. Last year we saw an AMIunprecedented growth in the number of visits made on mobile devices – both cellphones and tablets. As we reached the midpoint of the year, that device shift had, if anything increased its tempo. In this issue’s whitepaper, ‘Device Shift: challenges to car brand websites’, we look at that change in more detail, analysing the size, shape and behaviour of that huge mobile audience. How well are car brands dealing with this shift? Our survey of car brand sites in the Big 5 markets which makes up the second part of the whitepaper suggests that many brands have been caught unawares – their sites failing to meet many of the basic requirements to be able to communicate effectively with their growing mobile audience. As we enter the ‘postPC’ era, with consumers seeking information and entertainment across a mosaic of devices, many car brands need to rethink their web strategy in this area.

mercedes sophus3This summer saw the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Glenn Brooks examines what this car brings to the market in terms of technical innovation, looks at the global campaign for the new model and shows the importance of the luxury segment to the premium brand’s bottom line.

Online reviews by consumers are a commonplace on travel sites and those for high value consumer goods but are only just beginning to feature on vehicle manufacturers’ websites. In our second feature we talk to Reevoo about harnessing the power of customer opinion to strengthen the position of car brands.

As usual we begin with a review of sector’s ‘numbers’ for the last quarter – web traffic, campaign spend and registration results – and end with an overview of all the new cars that will soon be coming over the horizon to keep life interesting.


AMI August 2013 Content:

• 2013 Q2: The Quarter in Numbers
• Probably the Best Car in the World?
• Device Shift: challenges to car brand websites: a sophus3 Whitepaper
• The Power of Online reviews
• Future product calendar — new vehicle introductions over the next 12 months
• Future product Focus: Alfa Romeo 4C
• Future product Focus: Citroën C4 Picasso
• Future product Focus: Jaguar F-TYPE