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eDataXchange (eDX)  is the officially mandated digital market intelligence source for all the leading auto brands in the main European markets.
eDX goes beyond simple benchmarking of volume of visits. It aggregates data across brands and highlights automotive specific KPIs to provide an in-depth and up-to-date perspective of an OEM’s performance vs the market and best-in-class performers.




Identify In-Market Consumers

Driving engaged consumers is key to automotive brands. By tracking millions of visitors across automotive brands, publishers and dealer websites, Sophus3 is capable of identifying “In-Market” visitors.
With over 300 Million monthly digital interactions on OEM channels in a market, finding those that are in market for a car right now and engaging them is like finding a needle in a haystack in under three and a half minutes!

Understand online customer interest by analysing industry trends

Discover who you are your real competitors

View growth in segment interest across different markets

Compare interest in your products as a result of marketing campaigns

Auto Market Intelligence provides an in-depth overview of automotive online and offline activities and KPIs as well analysis and commentary on currently relevant topics. The publication’s objective is to inform the auto marketing executive and equip you with balanced and rounded market knowledge of the past quarter in order to help you make better marketing decisions.

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